How to do if the cosmetics on the airless bottle mouth cannot be pressed out?

How to do if the cosmetics on the airless bottle mouth cannot be pressed out?

Mise à jour:28 Jul 2020

If the airless bottle mouth cosmetics cannot be pressed out, the following methods can be used:

1. First check whether the cosmetic bottle is damaged.

2. Check whether the bottle mouth pressing nozzle is opened. If it is not open, press the pressing mouth with your hand and rotate it until the pressing mouth pops up.

3. Press repeatedly to empty the air in the bottle mouth tube.

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4. If it doesn't work, find the seller to return or exchange the goods.

5. If you cannot return or exchange the product, you can purchase sub-bottles to pack the cosmetics into other bottles.
The purpose of vacuuming is to delay product deterioration. After the finished cosmetics are filled into the bottle, the gas will be pumped out through the machine, so that the bacteria will lose the breeding ground for survival. However, whether there are bacteria entering depends on the production process of the cosmetics and the preservation conditions during use.

The process of making cosmetics is not a vacuum environment, so only by purchasing formal and qualified cosmetics can we ensure hygiene and safety. In order to avoid the growth of bacteria during use, preservatives are added to the raw materials at the beginning, but they will still deteriorate if they are not stored properly.

After vacuuming, the oxygen in the bottle is reduced, which can prevent the oxidation of the components, stabilize the activity of the components, and inhibit the survival of microorganisms, so it can extend the storage time. However, the care product is a liquid and cannot be completely vacuumed like a solid, so the extended time is limited.